Sunday, 7 August 2011

I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling that there just aren't enough hours in the day.  A lot of writers do their writing at night, when sleep gets in the way.  I've written about thirty-eight thousand words of my second novel so far (see the Upcoming Projects page) and my focus is now on approaching the final act and bringing it to a satisfying conclusion.  It's going to be a one-off, not part of a series like my first novel is intended.

I've found that the story is hard to shake, running through my head when I'd rather my attention was concentrated on other things.  There's a stack of films that I'm longing to get around to watching, but I don't want to put anything decent on late at night because it just becomes background noise as I succumb to the temptation of picking up a pen and putting it to paper.See my interview with Morgen Bailey about how I write

That's the state of my writing mentioned, now for my reading...

I've stopped reading the newspaper on the train to work and the commute is now taken up by a novel.  It's made quite a significant difference to my reading habits.  Where The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo took me a few months to get through, The Redbreast took me three weeks.  I then started reading Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and I was a third of the way through by the end of the week.

The film will be in the cinema in the next few months, so I glanced at the cast to picture the right face to the characters on the page.  You see, I already knew who was in the film and wouldn't want to watch the film and find that the cast that played out the story in my head was a completely different order.  Hope that makes sense.

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