“When you can't run away from your secrets, sometimes the only other choice is to run after them”

Jack Gray, a 1930s Nebraskan farmer, is a hard-working family man. He makes ends meet by sheer graft and tireless toll. However, his secure, peaceful world is shattered when a drifter by the name of Henry Dobbs mistakes Jack for a missing New York gangster. The gangster had mysteriously disappeared a few years earlier, presumably to escape his enemies, who are still seeking revenge. Before Jack is given on opportunity to convince the drifter that he is making a mistake, the drifter has left the farm intent on returning to New York to inform Jack's supposed enemies of his whereabouts. Fearing for his life and the for the safety of his family, Jack has no option but to follow the stranger, to intercept him before he reaches New York. Jack's journey from Nebraska to New York, through a depression-torn America leads him down a path which uncovers dark family secrets.

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 In the midst of the Great Depression, a man travels east whilst the desperate many travel west in search of the elusive employment that the Promised Land could bring. It is 1934 and Jack Gray, family man and farmer from Nebraska, has embarked upon a compelling trek across the states with New York City being his destination.

A drifter looking for work on Jack's farm has mistakenly identified Jack as a gangster from the Big Apple that had mysteriously disappeared years earlier, leaving furious enemies baying for blood.  However,  the transient flees before being convinced that his perception was the wrong one. In the wake of the encounter, Jack's father is forced to reveal the startling family secret that means Jack has to depart in an attempt to intercept the stranger intent on leading a pack of vengeance-craving mobsters back to Jack's home.

Reluctantly leaving his family during the most desperate of times, Jack must rely on his own resilience and the kindness of strangers along his journey, where the horizon is often as remote as his chances of catching the desperate drifter hungry for redemption salvaged from a life in exile.

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