The Ellroy Deflection was my first novel.  It's a Crime Thriller set in a fictional British City.

Available worldwide on paperback or kindle through Amazon.


Detective Bates is undercover, tasked with infiltrating a criminal syndicate with a view to reaching the infamously anonymous mastermind that heads it. Knowledge of his assignment is limited to his Chief Inspector and another Detective, Palahniuk, a divorced and disgruntled veteran, who is finding his workload demanding enough with a serial killer to catch and leads being thin on the ground. 

When their cover story comes back to bite them, they are forced to bring in an ambitious detective to act as Bates’ wife. The following months result in tragedy and Bates’ despairing freefall as manipulation and murder draws Bates and Palahniuk deeper into an investigation that Palahniuk had hoped to distance himself from.

A series of unexpected and mysterious events present them with moral dilemmas and stomach-wrenching challenges as their probing uncovers a system of corruption that flows through the many strata of society.
A variety of characters fuel a labyrinth
 plot of tragedy, murder, mystery and suspense, which blurs the distinction between those who are on the wrong side of the law and those who are teetering on the brink 

During its development, it was shown on Harper Collins’ community site for writers, authonomy. Here is a selection of comments from reader reviews: 

“Gritty characters, a convolute
 plot and believable dialogue. A classy crime story.” 
-Jim Darcy

“A most entertaining read and something I would grab in a bookshop. Backed, with pleasure.”
-Sheila Belshaw

“A really good read. You have a talent for writing this type of story and you should go far, given the opportunity.”

“I like your down-to-earth voice and your style. This is an easy, enjoyable read.”
-Thomas J Winton

“Hell, the only book where I am interested enough to read beyond the first few lines. Not a book, a phenomenon.”
-Alfred Sedrick

“Well written, atmospheric and it has my support.”
-Tim Chambers

“Talented writing and a real gifted imagination. Backed 100% - a book I’d buy.”

“Great storytelling and an easy read.”
-Richard Allen

In case you're wondering, I did the cover art as well.

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