Thursday, 26 January 2012

Seeking a Literary Agent

I self-published the kindle version of my first novel, The Ellroy Deflection, on Amazon in June 2011 along with a prequel short entitled The Ellroy Damnation to promote it.  Following that, I released my second novel, Barren Endeavour.  Since then I have achieved a total of 1017 downloads combined.  Last May, I had one novel completed and was halfway through writing my second.  I had no idea that I was going to stumble upon self-publishing the following month but, when I did, it was an exciting time.  I set up this blog, joined Twitter and signed up to The Independent Author Network.  I'm now writing my third novel, Natural Disposition, and have found that the creative juices are flowing more freely than they ever have before. 

I'm starting to think about how I can achieve the goal of becoming published.  I don't think I'm going to be able to make it big on my own.  Tournament-wise, I'm in the league stages and I think I'm going to need an agent to get to the final.  Someone in-the-know could ensure that my novels reach the desk of those that they need to.  These stories can sell - they just need to be seen.  The ideas had to make it past the nonsense filter in my brain to get onto the page, so I have the utmost confidence in them.  A lot of the publishing houses will only accept agented submissions, so I'm looking for representation.  It would make for a mutually beneficial relationship for many, many years to come.  I'm aiming for the sky and getting an agent is essential to reach it.
It's a longshot, but if anyone reading this currently has representation or knows of an agent that they could recommend or refer me to, please leave your comments below or email me at

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