Tuesday, 20 May 2014

My New Novel: Disposition

Here it is.  After three years of writing, my third novel is complete and available either as a download or paperback.  It's quite different to my first two novels, especially my second one, Barren Endeavour.  Where that was a historical thriller about a farmer getting caught up with gangsters in New York, Disposition is a modern-day piece of general fiction set in Birmingham.

It started out as a story that I can best describe as something akin to the 80s movies St Elmo's Fire or the 90s movie Reality Bites, with a hint of Very Bad Things.  It then took a turn towards the dark side, as my stories usually do, and developed into a murder mystery.  The way it's turned out,  I could identify influences stemming from thrillers including Basic Instinct, The Killing and Dragon Tattoo.   The theme of compulsive behaviour then came to the fore.  We don't always have a tendency to do the mature thing.  Then I stopped at around 93,400 words when it just felt that I'd reached the perfect place to stop.


A group of friends and their partners reunite at a house-warming party during a time that proves to be the epicentre of a tumultuous period in their lives. They wouldn't want each other to know about their navigational struggles through the complexities of life, but unavoidable conflicts are imminent. 

Things will never be the same again for all involved. Secrets and lies simmer before friendships and marriages collide amongst lustful betrayal and tragic discovery.

David hasn't told his friends that his wife has left him, while Greg is very open about the fact that he's separated from his and he's happily moved on with a younger woman. Marcus has an open marriage and is using it to his advantage as he attempts to blackmail his way to a promotion at work. Calvin's life seems perfectly content, but could this be too good to be true? Then there's Joel, a police detective investigating a murder, which has ties to more than one of their group, uncovering the hidden depraved behaviour of those that he thought he knew better.

Past indiscretions resurface and a murder investigation ensues, revealing that the age-old cliché, that it's a small world, is often startlingly accurate. 

Set in Birmingham, England, DISPOSITION is the third novel from D K Thomas.

Here are some of the links for Amazon, which is not an exhaustive list.  It is also available through Amazon's marketplaces in Australia, Canada, France, Italy, India, The Netherlands, Japan, Mexico. Spain and Brazil.

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