Monday, 5 September 2011

The Ellroy Deflection - Book Printing Solution

Someone recently asked me if I'd looked into getting my book into print through  I hadn't even heard of the website, but I became interested when I learned that they could create a hardback or paperback for individual orders.  I must admit that I hadn't looked into the possibility of selling a print copy of my book.  I was concentrating solely on kindle and didn't know what the print avenue had to offer.  I assumed that diving into the printing world would be an expensive proposition and printers would only be willing to manufacture copies in bulk orders as a minimum.  I assumed wrongly.

I've uploaded The Ellroy Deflection to, created the cover and set the pricing.  Again, just as it was easy enough to upload to kindle, this has been easy too.  They even provided me with a credit to purchase a proof-copy of  my book up to £15, so there was just the £2.99 postage and packing to pay.  So, I'm waiting for that to arrive now.  I didn't expect to have a physical product to sell until the dream of becoming published became true, but there you go.

I've no idea how successful it's going to be, but it presents another exciting option and opportunity.  Of course, there are lots of readers out there who either haven't heard of kindle, don't understand what it is, or simply aren't keen on the idea of reading from a screen and would prefer a good old traditional hardback or paperback.  

I've opted for the paperback route but, I've just thought, I could probably arrange to have both for sale.  I didn't expect that anyone would want to spend the money for a hardback of an unproven first-time self-published novelist, but I suppose I could offer the option.  I'll wait to see if the copy that I receive in the post is okay and then I'll launch it for sale through and post a link on the blog.

It's not the same as seeing it on the shelves on the High Street but, nevertheless, it'll do for now.  Exciting times.

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