Tuesday, 4 October 2011


The paranormal flash fiction piece entitled, 'Unfinished Business,' has been replaced by kind of a science-fiction piece called 'QPRS.'  It was inspired by a reaction I had to a frustrating drive to the supermarket one Saturday morning last month.  I hate driving, but it's not the actual practice of driving that gets to me - it's the other drivers that I have to share the road with.  You could only be offended by this if you're a bad driver.  So many obnoxious imbeciles go unpunished, leaving sensible drivers forced to yield to their arrogant and belligerent manoeuvres in order to prevent an accident.  Careless driving is rife, but what's the deterrent when there's nothing that other road users can do about it?  I'd be completely fine if I was the only car on the road, like Will Smith in I am Legend.   But, on the crowded city roads, I generally find it a stressful experience.  Don't get me started on the motorway, where to avoid lingering behind the middle-lane sitter, when there isn't a car in the inside lane for miles, the choice is either to perform an illegal undertake or get tail-gated in the outside lane by a large, expensive car (usually black) when you're already going far too fast as it is.  Those conceited cretins travelling over 100MPH never seem to get pulled over. Anyway, rant over.  That's how my latest idea was incepted.  To read it, CLICK HERE.

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  1. I was going to say, Wow you must live in my city! I ranted and raved a few weeks ago about how weather affects people's ability to drive. And yes, I often wonder why they never get pulled over or get a ticket for their crazy ways. I just try to avoid them and stay out of their way! I hope you feel better now! And I want to thank you for stopping by my blog at different corners in my life. Have a great day!